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Staff contact information

Astronomy and Astrophysics Staff and Students

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-PositionNamePhoneEmailSocial Media
c prof ProfessorProf. Aharonian, Felix 317
w profemeritus Professor EmeritusProf. Drury, Luke 137
w profemeritus Professor EmeritusProf. Thompson, Alex
c prof ProfessorProf. Ray, Tom 350
g tech Technical Officer Grace, Anne 359
g tech Technical Officer Flood, Eileen 360
i sfifellow RS-SFI University Research FellowDr. Mackey, Jonathan 338
k researchfellow Research FellowDr Caratti O Garatti, Alessio 342
e honoraryprof Honorary ProfessorProf. Natta, Antonella
k researchfellow Research FellowDr. Garcia, Rebeca 352
w profemeritus Professor EmeritusProf. O'Sullivan, Denis
x techemeritus Technical Officer Emeritus O'Donnell, Hilary
m miridev Research Fellow & MIRI Software DeveloperDr. Kavanagh, Patrick 336
k researchfellow Research FellowDr Campanya, Joan
s phdstud PhD Student Koutoulaki, Maria 315
s phdstud PhD Student Fedriani, Ruben 313
m miridev Research Fellow & MIRI Software DeveloperDr. Topinka, Martin 336
s phdstud PhD Student Green, Sam
s phdstud PhD Student Feeney-Johansson, Anton
o mkid MKIDs Postdoctoral Research FellowDr. Bracken, Colm 331
o mkid MKIDs Postdoctoral Research FellowDr. Ulbricht, Gerhard 331
s phdstud PhD Student Mario, Delucia 00353830440355
s phdstud PhD Student Eoin, Baldwin 300
s phdstud PhD Student Moutzouri, Maria 331
s phdstud PhD Student Stock, Camille
k researchfellow Research FellowDr. Purser, Simon 318
q radionet Radionet Software DeveloperDr. Creaner, Oisin
k researchfellow Research FellowDr Murray, Sophie
s phdstud PhD Student Murphy, Pearse
s phdstud PhD Student Ryan, Aoife Maria
s phdstud PhD Student Maguire, Ciara
s phdstud PhD StudentMr. Clarke, Brendan
s phdstud PhD Student Nelissen, Marie
k researchfellow Research FellowDr. Maloney, Shane
k researchfellow Research FellowDr Carley, Eoin
a senioprof Senior ProfessorProf. Gallagher, Peter 321
s phdstud PhD StudentMr Garton, Tadhg
k researchfellow Research FellowDr Rangaswamy, Devaraj 331
k researchfellow Research FellowDr. McGinnis, Pauline

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