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John Malone-Leigh

Name: John Malone-Leigh

Title: PhD Student

Email: jmalone@cp.dias.ie

Address: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Astronomy & Astrophysics Section, 31 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, D02 XF86, Ireland.

Personal website:


Research Interests:

John’s main research interest lies in studying Geomagnetic Storms and their effect on ground-based systems. Geomagnetic storms are generated by the interaction between the Solar wind and the Earth’s Magnetosphere. These events allows charged particles to precipitate into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Here, the particles generate the currents responsible for the Aurorae. However, these currents can damage ground-based infrastructure such as power-grids and pipelines, among other effects. Much of John’s research is done using MagIE(Magnetometer Network of Ireland). MagIE is a network of magnetometers used to monitor the effects of space-weather on the Earth’s magnetic field. Using MagIE, John research’s Geoelectric fields, Geomagnetically-Induced-Currents(GICS) and Ionospheric Currents in order to improve our understanding of how each relate to each other, to help protect ground-based infrastructure.

Biographical Sketch:

John graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2019, with a degree in Physics and Astrophysics. John is currently a PhD researcher in the Solar Physics group based at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, under the joint supervision of Prof. Peter T. Gallagher and Dr. Joan Campanyà-i-Llovet.