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Alexandra Fogg

Name: Dr Alexandra R Fogg

Title: Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: arfogg@cp.dias.ie

Address: School of Cosmic Physics, DIAS Dunsink Observatory, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin 15, Ireland.

Research Interests:

Solar Wind – Magnetosphere – Ionosphere Coupling at Earth

  • Observations of solar wind driving of Auroral Kilometric Radiation from the Wind satellite
  • System-scale observations of the effects of solar wind pressure pulses on the terrestrial Magnetosphere and  Ionosphere
  • Observations of ionospheric electrodynamics including ionospheric convection and field aligned currents

Biographical Sketch:

Alexandra completed an MPhys in Physics with Space Science and Technology (Semester Abroad) at the University of Leicester, including a term at McMaster University. Following on from this, with an interest in planetary plasma physics she completed a PhD in the Radio and Space Plasma Physics group at the University of Leicester. The research she conducted during her PhD primarily used SuperDARN observations of ionospheric convection and AMPERE observations of field aligned currents, from which she developed a new method for estimating the low latitude limit of the ionospheric convection region. She also utilised these datasets, along with auroral images and ground magnetometer data to observe the effects of solar wind pressure pulses on the terrestrial magnetosphere. As part of the new Planetary Magnetospheres group, Alexandra exploits a multi-decadal archive of observations of radio emissions from the Wind WAVES dataset to examine Auroral Kilometric Radiation (AKR). Alexandra is investigating solar wind control of AKR emissions, which are most often observed on the nightside, driven by bursty tail reconnection events.

ORCID: 0000-0002-1139-5920

Funding: Science Foundation Ireland