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Date: 21st March 1942 Paper: The Irish Press Headline: Palladius and Patrick | School Of Celtic Studies Lecture Synopsis: The first public lecture under the auspices of the School of Celtic Studies was delivered in Trinity College by Professor T. F. O'Rahilly in 1942. (1/5) Retweeted by DIAS_SCS Library

If you missed the talk on the Glór tapes by Andrea Palandri for #CultureNight #OícheChultúir it is now available here along with clips from the collection that are discussed in the talk. #DIASdiscovers youtube.com/channel/UC7Mqg…

test Twitter Media - If you missed the talk on the Glór tapes by Andrea Palandri for #CultureNight #OícheChultúir it is now available here along with clips from the collection that are discussed in the talk. #DIASdiscovers 
https://t.co/o4wO2qm0hT https://t.co/rIX2Jfh0em

Seinnfidh agus pléifidh an Dr Andrea Palandri roinnt taifeadaí atá i gcartlainn fuaime Scoil an Léinn Cheiltigh @DIAS_Dublin Tune in at 5pm for this fantastic #Glór event for #CultureNight #OícheChultúir #DIASdiscovers eventbrite.ie/e/taifeadai-ca…

Culture Night 2020 Booking Links! - Virtual Tour of DIAS Dunsink Observatory: eventbrite.ie/e/118043576515 - Earthquakes and other Geohazards: eventbrite.ie/e/earthquakes-… - Taifeadaí Cartlainne ó Scoil an Léinn Cheiltigh: eventbrite.ie/e/taifeadai-ca… Join us from 5pm! #CultureNight2020 Retweeted by DIAS_SCS Library

Beidh Andrea Palandri ag caint ar na taifeadaí atá i dtaisce i gcartlainn fuaime Scoil an Léinn Cheiltigh @DIAS_Dublin #culturenight Fri Sept 18th #DIASdiscovers Book your free ticket here. This talk will be given in Irish. eventbrite.ie/e/taifeadai-ca…

Launching soon #DIASscholars podcast 🎙️ Listen to this tune and watch this space 🎧 twitter.com/Naoicea/status…

📢 Tionól 2020 is now postponed #SCSTionól2020 dias.ie/2020/09/02/tio… twitter.com/SCSLibrary/sta…

Back to @Library_RIA today after a long hiatus & lovely to see everyone there again! These images are from a devotional manuscript (RIA 3 B 23) written in the 1470s by Tadhg Ua Ríoghbhardáin. A digitised copy is available on isos.dias.ie Retweeted by DIAS_SCS Library

If you're researcher in the language, literature, or intellectual, religious or scientific cultures of early medieval Ireland, we at @EarlyIrishMU would be delighted to support an application to work with me, @ChronHib or @dhaydenceltic - get in touch! research.ie/funding/goipd/… Retweeted by DIAS_SCS Library

This summer has been full of new experiences for the O'Donovan Scholars @SCSLibrary: @Naoicea has officially started work on a #CelticStudies #podcast! I'm sure Nike will share more info. about it when she's ready! Thank you for inviting me to be your first in the hot seat.😊 twitter.com/Naoicea/status… Retweeted by DIAS_SCS Library

We're doing A Thing! The whole world and its mother made a podcast during lockdown - so we figured we'd be on trend for a change and record some shtuff! Now just for some light editing..... @CClearych @SCSLibrary Retweeted by DIAS_SCS Library

So uh, I noticed that the @DIAS_Dublin Bookshop is selling copies of Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus half-off for €30 until the end of this month… books.dias.ie/index.php?main… Retweeted by DIAS_SCS Library

For Heritage Week we have created an online exhibition highlighting some of the Treasures of the Library - there are many, what's your favourite? ria.ie/treasures-roya… #HeritageWeek2020 Retweeted by DIAS_SCS Library