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Dr. Shane Dooley


email: dooleysh@stp.dias.ie
phone: +353-1-6140138

address: Rm. 308, DIAS, 10 Burlington Rd, D04 C932.

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Research Interests

Usually, quantum physics describes small systems like atoms, electrons and photons, while classical physics describes our familiar world on larger length scales. I am interested in the crossover between these two regimes of description. This means probing the quantum-to-classical transition, and asking why quantum effects are usually washed out as system size increases. This leads naturally to practical questions, since it is known that it is possible to build devices that can outperform some of our current technologies… if we can control and protect quantum coherence in large systems. 

  • Understanding the quantum-to-classical transition
  • Evading decoherence and thermalisation in large quantum systems
  • Quantum sensing
  • Quantum computiing

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