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Dr. Rui-Dong Zhu


email: nick_zrd@stp.dias.ie
phone: +353-1-6140128
address: Rm. 208, DIAS, 10 Burlington Rd, D04 C932.

Research Interests

Integrability (especially in string theory), vertex operator algebra, string duality, localization.


I was initially working on cosmology when I was an undergraduate student, but when I proceeded to the master course, I got deeply attracted to the mathematical aspects of physical theories. Especially, even though defined in a complicated manner, string theory exhibits integrability in many cases, where localization allows one to solve the theory in an exact way non-perturbatively, and known examples, appearing to be very different though, are often related to each other through dualities. I could not help myself from learning more about this topic and trying to find out the reason behind this beautiful mathematical structure. That is how it got me here so far. I am accumulating more examples with such nice properties by studying orientifolds and defect operators at the moment. 

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