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Tropical Geometry, Cluster Algebras and Scattering Amplitudes

Speaker: James Drummond (University of Southampton)
Time: Wednesday, 30 September 2020, 2:30pm

Thermal Conductance of the nu=5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall State

Speaker: Steve Simon (University of Oxford)
Time: Thursday, 24 September 2020, 2:30pm

From Ramanujan to Rokhlin, via Quantum States

Speaker: Sergei Gukov (Caltech)
Time: Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 4pm

Accelerating Black Hole Chemistry

Speaker: Ruth Gregory (University of Durham)
Time: Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 2:30pm

DIAS Team Takes First Place in IBM’s Quantum Computer Hackathon

Starting on 18th August, teams from across Ireland went head-to-head in the IBM Qiskit Quantum Summer Jam Hackathon. The competition was open to the public, so naturally the 13 teams covered a diverse array of backgrounds, from universities… Read More

Integrability, Rationality & Convolutions

Speaker: Marianne Leitner (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
Time: Tuesday, 11 August 2020, 3pm

Universal Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing with 3D Surface Codes

Speaker: Dan Browne (University College London)
Time: Wednesday, 29 July 2020, 2:30pm

Quiver Yangian from Crystal Melting

Speaker: Wei Li (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Time: Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 2:30pm