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Mautner, F.I.

Mautner, F.I. 1944-46 Scholar Born 1921 Vienna, Austria. Ph.D. 1948 Princeton. Appointments: Assistant, QUB 1944; Member, Princeton 1946-47; 1954-56; 1965-66.

Muller, E.

Muller, E. 1984-87 Scholar Born 1949 Stetten im Remstal, Germany. Ph.D. 1981 Zurich. Appointments: Postgraduate Research, Tubingen 1976-77; Research Assistant, Zurich 1977-84; Lect., University of Hamburg. Address: University of Hamburg, Luruper Chaussee 149, D-2000 Hamburg 50, Germany.

O’Se, D.

O’Se, D. 1985-86 Scholar Born 1960 Limerick, Ireland. Ph.D. 1986 NUI. Appointments: Lect., Institute of Technology, Carlow 1986-. Address: School of Science, Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland. E-mail: ose_at_diarmuid.ose_at_itcarlow.ie

Povolotsky, A.

Povolotsky, A. 2006-2009 Schroedinger Fellow Born 1974, Moscow, Russia. Ph.D. 2001 JINR, Dubna, Russia. Appointments: Research Fellow, JINR, Dubna 1997-; Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan 2001-2003; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal 2003-2005;… Read More

Ruelle, P.

Ruelle, P. 1990-93 Scholar Born 1963 Ottignies, Belgium. Ph.D. 1990 Louvain. Appointments: Research Assoc., Louvain 1993-. Address: Institut de Physique Theorique et Mathematique, Chemin du Cyclotron No.2, B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. E-mail: ruelle_at_fyma.ucl.ac.be

Solomon, A.I.

Solomon, A.I. 1962-63 Scholar; 1969-71 Assistant Professor Born 1936 Glasgow, Scotland. Ph.D. 1963 Paris. Appointments: Physicist, Republic Aviation Corp., N.Y. 1963-66; Assistant Prof., Polytechnic, Brooklyn 1966-68; Visiting Fellow, Tel Aviv 1968-69; Senior Lect., Reader, Prof., Open University 1971-2002;… Read More

Tsutsui, I.

Tsutsui, I. 1990-93 Scholar Born 1957 Takamatsu, Japan. Ph.D. 1988 Tokyo. Appointments: Science Fellow, Institute for Nuclear Study, Tokyo 1988; Humboldt Research Fellow, Hamburg 1988-90. Honours: Yukawa Prize, 1993. Address: Institute for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo, Midori-cho,… Read More

Wilson, R.

Wilson, R. 1975-77 Scholar Born 1944 Madras, India. Ph.D. 1972 New Jersey. Appointments: Lect., Scott Christian College, Madras 1964-68; Graduate Teaching Assistant, Stevens Institute 1968-71; Research Collaborator, Brookhaven National Lab. 1972-73; Research Associate, Stevens Institute 1973; Research Associate,… Read More

Bellomo, E.

Bellomo, E. 1954-56 Scholar Born 1927 Florence, Italy. Dott. Fis. Pisa. Appointments: Assistant in Theoretical Physics, Genoa 1956-.

Chan, M.Y.M.

Chan, M.Y.M. 1961-62 Scholar Born 1934 China. M.Sc. 1961 Singapore.