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Asano, Y.

Asano, Y. Apr. 2015- Post-Doctoral Scholar. Born: 1986 – Saitama, Japan. Education: Doctor of Science 2015, Kyoto University. Academic appointments: JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Kyoto University, 2013-2015.   Address: School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Insitute for… Read More

Ihl, M.

Ihl, M. Oct. 2011-Sept. 2013 IRCSET Fellow Born 1977, Germany. Ph.D. 2008 University of Texas at Austin. Appointments: Post-Doctoral Researcher at Centro de Fisica do Porto, Faculdade de Ciencias da UP, Porto, Portugal, Jan. 2014-

Balazs, N.L.

Balazs, N.L. 1951-52 Scholar; 1967 Visiting Professor Born 1926 Budapest, Hungary. Ph. D. 1951 Amsterdam. Appointments: Member, Inst. Adv. Study, Princeton 1953; Assoc. Prof., Alabama 1953-55; Research Associate, Chicago 1955-59; Research Associate, Princeton 1959-61; Prof., SUNY, 1961-. Memberships:… Read More

Browne, S.

Browne, S. 1971-73 Scholar Born 1948 Portlaoise, Ireland. Ph.D. 1972 Dublin. Appointments: Lect., Department of Mathematical Physics, University College Dublin, Dublin 2. Died 1981.

Critchley, R.H.

Critchley, R.H. 1972-73 Student; 1974-75 Scholar Born 1948 London, England. D.Phil. 1974 Oxford. Appointments: Assistant Lect.,Cork 1975-77; Lect. N.I.H.E., Limerick 1977-86; Senior Lect., Univ. Limerick 1986-. Memberships: Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications; Irish Mathematical Society; S.E.F.I. Mathematics… Read More

Evans, D.E.

Evans, D.E. 1975-76 Scholar Born 1950 Glanamman, Dyfed, Wales. D. Phil. 1975 Oxford. Appointments: Research Assistant, Oslo 1976-77; Visiting Assistant Prof., UCLA 1977; Royal Society Exchange Fellow, Copenhagen 1978; Post Doctoral Fellow, Ottawa 1979; SRC Post Doctoral Fellow,… Read More

Ghesquiere, A..

Ghesquiere, A.. 2005-2009 Predoctoral Scholar Born 1982 Paris, France. Ph.D. 2010 NUI Maynooth Honours: Hamilton medal, DIAS. Address: School of Physics, Westville Campus UKZN, Private Bag X54001, Durban, 4000, South Africa.E-mail: aghesquiere_at_stp.dias.ie

Hogan, P.A.

Hogan, P.A. 1971-73 Scholar Born 1948 Dublin, Ireland. Ph. D. 1972 NUI. Appointments: Lect., U.C.D. 1978-92; Associate Prof. & Head, Mathematical Physics, U.C.D. 1992-. Address: Department of Mathematical Physics, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4.

Kantor, W.

Kantor, W. 1959 Scholar Born 1922 New York, U.S.A. M.Sc. 1951 California.

Mainland, G.B.

Mainland, G.B. 1972-74 Scholar Born 1945 Illinois, U.S.A. Ph.D. 1971 Texas. Appointments: Research Associate, University of Texas at Austin 1972; Research Associate, Ohio 1974-75; Assistant Prof., Ohio 1975-80; Associate Prof., Ohio, 1980-87; Visiting Associate Prof., University of Texas… Read More