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Asano, Y.

Asano, Y. Apr. 2015- Post-Doctoral Scholar. Born: 1986 – Saitama, Japan. Education: Doctor of Science 2015, Kyoto University. Academic appointments: JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Kyoto University, 2013-2015.   Address: School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Insitute for… Read More

Ihl, M.

Ihl, M. Oct. 2011-Sept. 2013 IRCSET Fellow Born 1977, Germany. Ph.D. 2008 University of Texas at Austin. Appointments: Post-Doctoral Researcher at Centro de Fisica do Porto, Faculdade de Ciencias da UP, Porto, Portugal, Jan. 2014-

Abramski, P.

Abramski, Pavel DIAS: 2007-2011 – Pre-doctoral Scholar. Born: 1965 – Pestravka Kuibyshevskoy Obl., Russia. Education: PhD. 2012 – Dublin Institute of Technology, Kevin Street. Academic Appointments: Research Associate – Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, 1985-2001.

Bergmann, O.

Bergmann, O. 1951-52 Scholar Born 1925 Vienna, Austria. Ph. D. Vienna. Appointments: Senior Research Fellow, Adelaide 1952-55; Senior Research Fellow, New England, Armidale, Australia 1956-58; Research Physicist, RIAS, Baltimore 1958-.

Coffey, S.

Coffey, S. 1998-2000 Graduate Student Born 1976 Kerry, Ireland. B.Sc. 1998 Trinity College Dublin.

Donohoe, P.J.

Donohoe, P.J. 1952-53 Scholar Born 1930 Rochester, U.S.A.  M.A. N.U.I. Appointments: Demonstrator, U.C.C. 1953-54; Acting Lect., U.C.C. 1957-.; Lect., Queens University Belfast. Deceased.

Frigerio, A.

Frigerio, A. 1979-81 Assistant Professor Born 1951 Milan, Italy. Laurea, in Physics 1974, Milan. Appointments: Assistant Prof., Milan 1978-79; Lect., Dip. di Matematics e Infor., Universite degli Studi di Udine, 33100 Udine – Via Zanon, 6 Italy. Died… Read More

Hart, V.G.M.

Hart, V.G.M. 1952-54 Scholar Born 1930 Hull, England. Ph.D. 1958 N.U.I. Appointments: Lect., Univ. Cork 1954-66; Reader in Mathematics, Queensland 1966-85; Prof., Queensland 1985-. Memberships: SIAM; Australian Mathematical Society. Honours: Hon. Fellow Australian Mathematical Society. Address: Department of… Read More

Israel, W.

Israel, W. 1956-58 Scholar; 1966-68 Visiting Professor Born 1931 Berlin, Germany. Ph.D. 1960 TCD. Appointments: Assistant, Associate, Full Prof., Alberta 1958-85; Univ. Prof. Physics, Alberta 1985-; Alberta Fellow, Cosmology Program, Canadian Institute for Advanced Study 1986-. Memberships: International… Read More

Lenoach, B.M.

Lenoach, B.M. 1983 Scholar Born 1958, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Ph.D. 1984 NUI. Appointments: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton 1983-85; Temp. Lect. Dublin City Univ. 1985-86; Lect., Univ. Limerick, 1986-90; Research Scientist, Schlumberger Cambridge Research 1990-. Address: Interpretation… Read More