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Asano, Y.

Asano, Y. Apr. 2015- Post-Doctoral Scholar. Born: 1986 – Saitama, Japan. Education: Doctor of Science 2015, Kyoto University. Academic appointments: JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Kyoto University, 2013-2015.   Address: School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Insitute for… Read More

Ihl, M.

Ihl, M. Oct. 2011-Sept. 2013 IRCSET Fellow Born 1977, Germany. Ph.D. 2008 University of Texas at Austin. Appointments: Post-Doctoral Researcher at Centro de Fisica do Porto, Faculdade de Ciencias da UP, Porto, Portugal, Jan. 2014-

Benatti, F.

Benatti, F. 1990-91 Scholar Born 1960 Torino, Italy. Ph.D. 1988 Trieste. Appointments: Researcher, Trieste 1991-. Address: Department of Theoretical Physics, Strada Costiera 11, 34014 Trieste, Italy.E-mail: benatti_at_trieste.infn.it

Chryssomalakos, C.

Chryssomalakos, C. 1997 Scholar Born 1964, Greece. Ph.D. 1994 Berkeley. Appointments : Postdoctoral Researcher, L.A.P.P., Lyon, France. E-mail: chryss_at_nuclecu.unam.mx

Dineen, S.

Dineen, S. 1970-71 Scholar; 1971-72 Assistant Professor Born 1944 Cork. Ph.D. 1969 Maryland; D.Sc. 1979 NUI. Appointments: Lect., University College Dublin 1972-79; Prof., University College Dublin 1979-2009. Memberships: Irish Mathematical Society; American Mathematical Society; European Mathematical Society; Royal… Read More

Fordy, A.P.

Fordy, A.P. 1978-81 Scholar Born 1949 York, England. Ph.D. 1977 London. Appointments: Lect. Math. Heriot-Watt 1977-8; SERC Research Assistant, UMIST 1981-83; Lect., Reader, Professor Applied Math., Leeds, 1983-. Memberships: London Math. Soc. Address: School of Mathematics, University of… Read More

Hamilton, J.

Hamilton, J. 1941-43 Scholar Born 1918 Co. Sligo, Ireland. Ph.D. 1948 Manchester. Appointments: Scientific Officier, Royal Navy 1943-45; I.C.I. Fellow 1945-48; Lect., Manchester 1948-49; Lect., Cambridge 1950-60; Official Fellow, Christ’s College, Cambridge 1953-60; Prof., U.C.L. 1960-64; Prof., Nordita,… Read More

Huggard, M.

Huggard, M. 1994-1999 Graduate Student Born 1971 Dublin, Ireland. B. Sc. 1994 TCD.Appointments: Lecturer DCU 1999-2000; Lecturer TCD 2000- Address : Department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland. E-mail: huggardm_at_cs.tcd.ie

Lanczos, C.

Lanczos, C. 1952-53 Visiting Professor; 1954-68 Professor; 1968-74 Emeritus Professor Born 1893 Szekesfesherver, Hungary. Ph.D. 1921 Szeged. Appointments: Lect., Freiburg 1921-24; Lect., Frankfurt 1924-31; Prof., Purdue 1931-46. Senior Engineer, Boeing Company, Seattle 1946-49; Mathematician, National Bureau of Standards,… Read More

McCrea, Rev. J.

McCrea, Rev. J. 1964-66 Scholar Born 1934 Athlone, Ireland. First Licence Exam, 1964 Leuven. Appointments: Lect.,UCD -93. Died 1993.