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2021-09-27, 15:00: Dr. Alberto Sanna (INAF)

Dr. Alberto Sanna

Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari, INAF, Italy

Understanding the formation of High-Mass Stars: lessons from G23.01-0.41 

Abstract: Stars more massive than ten times our Sun have had major influence on the history and evolution of the Milky Way, because of their high mechanical and radiative luminosities, and their synthesis and dispersal of heavy elements into the interstellar medium. I will discuss our understanding of the formation of these “massive” stars in the light of observations at high angular and spectral resolutions. In particular, I will disclose the new ALMA view of the circum-stellar gas at distances smaller than few thousands au of massive protostars, where accretion disks are expected, and with reference to the prototypical region G23.01−0.41.